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Minnesota lawmaker latest to join ‘Fair Pay to Play’ fray

California’s landmark Fair Pay to Play Act was signed into law yesterday, and since then lawmakers in four states have signaled their interest in following suit. Lawmakers in Nevada and Florida joined the fray on Monday, and on Tuesday lawmakers in Pennsylvania and, now, Minnesota have joined in as well.

“I think there would be a lot of support,” Minnesota state Rep. Nolan West told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “This is a quintessential workplace issue of unpaid labor and that kind of ridiculous situation for a lot of these athletes who could get permanent brain damage and never receive a dime of compensation for hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.”

Like efforts elsewhere, West’s idea is simply an idea.

He told the Star-Tribune he plans to introduce his proposal into the Minnesota House in 2020. It would still need to pass through committee, win votes in the state’s House and Senate and receive a signature from Governor Tim Walz to become law. West said it would likely be at least a year before Minnesota’s college athletes saw the benefit of his bill if it passed.

Even still, the effort to dismantle the NCAA’s business model has now spread to eight states and we’re not even 48 hours from California Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s fateful signature.

The enemies of the NCAA’s status quo aren’t just at the gates. They’ve stormed the castle, and they’re tearing down everything they can get their hands on.