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Kentucky has ‘Fair Pay to Play’ legislation in the works

They’re coming so fast and furious that it’s becoming almost impossible to keep up.

It’s been one day since California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the landmark Fair Pay to Play Act into law, state lawmakers from Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota and now Kentucky have announced plays to write copycat bills in their respective states.

Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Kentucky joined the fray today. Kentucky Sports Radio‘s Matt Jones reports that “a Kentucky stat legislator” is working on a bill similar to California’s, though Jones does not name the legislator.

Again, news that a single legislator is cooking up a bill is a long, long way from that bill becoming law and that law surviving an inevitable court challenge from the NCAA.

But it is a sign that the NCAA’s defenses are weakening.

Seriously, try to imagine the NCAA giving Kentucky the boot and then asking CBS and TNT to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to televise an NCAA Tournament that does not include Kentucky or Louisville.